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And for all the Delena shippers. . .

on Saturday, 06 November 2010 21:38. Posted in 2010

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone when I gave assistance and comfort to Bamon fans in my last blog.  I just wanted to assure them that there would be many interesting moments—a nice relationship, really, is what it adds up to—between Bonnie and Damon in Midnight.  I mean, face it: Bonnie definitely got the short end of the stick in Shadow Souls, and I was glad to see more of her in all of her different moods in the next bookBut that doesn’t mean that Damon has suddenly lost his interest in Elena in Midnight, either. 

Remember, this series started out as a love triangle between Stefan (poor Stefan!  But he develops quite a bit in Phantom, the book after Midnight), Damon, and Elena.  Now it’s some polygonal shape in eleven dimensions, and includes most of the characters as they become “more than friends.”  A very witty and literate Nova Scotian even cited some passages that might indicate that Sage was developing a little tendressefor Bonnie. (She was a Delena fan, of course, but I’d give her message a perfect 10 for inventiveness, politeness, and felicity of expression.  Not that I ever criticize for grammar or spelling mistakes—as long as I can understand an email, it’s fine.  And some of the readers from other countries write such excellent English that I wish I could reply in their native language.)

All I want to do now is to set the record straight for Midnight.  I can’t give away the plot, but Damon has quite a tumultuous relationship with both Elena and Bonnie.  With each of them, separately, I should say.  He is initially angry and defensive towards each, but he eventually shows his true feelings, which run deep in both cases.  I can’t guarantee that the Bamon and Delena camps will be satisfied, but then I don’t really control Damon; he does what he likes, is reasonable or unreasonable, and all I can do is follow him and write about his adventures.  He wouldn’t be Damon if I could control him.

The only other news is that someone kindly explained to me what Delena (or Bamon) “shipper” meant.  I appreciated that.

Naturally, nothing new on the A and E and A (the agony and ecstasy and the agony) with Secret Circle.  I’ve decided not to fret about it.  Que sera, sera, sirrah.