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Secret Circle TV Show News

on 18 May 2011. Posted in 2011

By Staff Writer: Jessica Sherman


The CW picked up The Secret Circle pilot for the upcoming season. The pilot was written by Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller, who will also be executive producers for the show along with Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo from Alloy Entertainment. The pilot is shot in Vancouver with Liz Freidlander as director. The cast according to IMBD is set to include Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected) as Cassie Blake, and Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant. A full list of cast members and rumored cast members can be found on IMDB’s Secret Circle page.

As with any book going to the screen some characters are said to have been cut. Doug Henderson is still in limbo as he may or may not end up on the series. According to Zap2it “Chris (Doug's twin brother), Melanie, Laurel, Suzan, Sean and Deborah were all trimmed.” This may or may not be a permanent situation if the show makes it to series. I hate to see characters cut but it would seem The Secret Circle will be following the books a bit more closely then The Vampire Diaries TV show did.

Although the show will surely include a number of changes and variations from the books the pilot will be sticking to the main storyline about a shy girl (Cassie Blake) moving to her mother’s hometown in New Salem. After moving Cassie finds out that her new friends make up a coven of powerful witches and that she is in fact a witch too. The love story of Adam and Cassie is set to be a major theme in the show with Diana, Cassie’s new best friend and Adam’s actual girlfriend standing between the two.

In spite of working on both The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle shows, Kevin Williamson has stated that fans shouldn’t expect any crossover episodes between TSC and TVD. “Vampires and werewolves don't exist in the world of "The Secret Circle." At this early stage a lot can still change before fans ever see the pilot or episodes of the show. The good news is that The Secret Circle another of L.J. Smith’s best selling trilogies could soon be the hot new show on television. I for one am looking forward to the pilot and hope it makes it as a series. Congratulations to L.J. Smith for another hit story soon to be coming to life in our living rooms.



katie morgan
+1 # RE: Secret Circle TV Show Newskatie morgan 2011-10-19 09:25
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0 # S.C.Brittany 2015-08-19 13:20
I love it ever since I began watching it this summer. Honestly, I had never even heard of it until I found it on Netflix.
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0 # new readerKayla 2011-11-16 13:04
I really enjoy the tv show and look forward to reading the books once I have finished the "vampire diaries" book I am on and start christmas break
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N Naash
0 # RE: Secret Circle TV Show NewsN Naash 2012-03-09 14:34
@Joe_Lando @MillerLoLife
I have been watching the second half of #TSC. Joe Lando is such a good actor that I watch when he is on TV. I am surprised that he has gained so much depth in his acting.
He need to stay as #TeamBlackwell
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