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'The Secret Circle's' Phoebe Jane Tonkin: Just how bad is Faye?

on 03 October 2011. Posted in In the Media

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Phoebe TonkinIf two-plus seasons of "The Vampire Diaries" have proven anything, it's that it's good to be bad. Phoebe Jane Tonkin is "The Secret Circle's" answer to Ian Somerhalder, and we're already girl-crushing.

Her character, Faye, is our resident Regina George in the Chance Harbor coven. In last week's episode, when her attitude got out of hand, she nearly killed a classmate and finally caved to binding the circle -- but needing permission from the other witches isn't going to keep Faye down for long.

We spoke with Tonkin about how far Faye might go, Faye's relationship with her diabolical mom, and what it's like rooming with co-star Britt Robertson. Read on!

Zap2it: Okay, so we're all calling Faye the bad girl and the mean girl. How bad is Faye, really? Are we talking obnoxious high-school girl bad, or is she seriously dangerous?

Tonkin: The thing about Faye is that she does things without considering consequences. She's never looking to hurt anyone or to cause any kind of mass destruction, she just doesn't know what the line is that she can't cross. What I think brings her down to a human level is that when she does do these bad things, when things get out of control, she genuinely does feel awful about it. I think that's what's going to be interesting for the viewers is that she's not just a two-dimensional bad character. She just makes a lot of mistakes. She's learning, though, and she's either got to lose the guilty conscience or she's got to stop acting this way and start pulling it back.  Read More. 

 Written by By Carina Adly MacKenzie  September 29, 2011 7:10 PM ET

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